#HarpicAgainstUTI – An Urge for Clean Public Female Toilet2 min read

On the eve of this year’s World Toilet Day, Harpic Bangladesh has tried to shed light on one of the most neglected yet serious issues about women hygiene in Bangladesh.

Harpic Bangladesh- A leading Toilet Cleaning brand has been working relentlessly to ensure the hygiene standard of our toilets. This year on the eve of World Toilet Day, Harpic took a stand to encourage everyone to speak up about a very serious issue-

Urinary Tract Infection, aka UTI in Women!

To support the cause, Harpic Bangladesh has launched its #HarpicAgainstUTI’ campaign to raise awareness about the hygienic public toilet crisis for women in Bangladesh.  Women in Bangladesh often takes the high road when it comes to using the washroom outside their house.  Why?

For a very simple reason. The washrooms available for women in several places like shopping malls, restaurants, offices, or even schools are not maintaining cleaning standards.

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Results? Women are avoiding using the washroom for hours. This avoidance often results in UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. Many of the women population are not even aware of the risk of UTI for avoiding using the washroom for long hours.

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Even if some of them know about the risk, they have no hygienic washroom to use. So, Harpic Bangladesh decided to do something about it. Introducing #HarpicAgainstUTI

Have a look:


So, its high time we should speak up about clean washrooms for women. If you are a woman and your workplace’s toilet is not up to the mark, go and speak about it to the management. You know, there is a saying- if something bothers you, you should do something about it. And this is high time!

And, to all the man out there, if your better half or any family member tells you about not having a proper washroom, speak up!

Kudos to Harpic Bangladesh for standing with our women!

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