Every year, Bangladesh commemorates International Mother Language Day on 21st February. It is the day when the whole nation remembers the sacrifices of our language martyrs, political activists, and the common folk of 1952 for giving us Bengali as our mother tongue. The country’s leading telecom company Grameenphone has launched a campaign that showcases the importance of every Mother Tongue in this modern age of the internet to celebrate this year’s International Mother Language.

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The core ideology of this campaign is to build awareness regarding the equal value of all languages and how it can help foster global camaraderie.

Breaking Language Barriers

The 2 minutes 20 seconds long film showcases the communication struggle of a Russian Lady in Bangladesh due to the language barrier.

She experiences the famous Bangladeshi hospitality and helpful attitude in every step of her journey. However, she fails to comprehend it due to the language barrier between her and the natives. This lost-in-translation scenario slowly begins to intensify as the commercial moves on.

Her troubles slowly begin to grow when she’s traveling by car and her phone runs out of charge. She falls into an impossible situation as her sole medium of communication was her cellphone and she couldn’t communicate the scenario either with the driver or the locals.

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Finally, a Flexi load agent understood that she’s speaking in Russian. Thus, he was able to communicate with her and take care of her needs with the help of the internet through a translator application.

The campaign ends with a message that states-

With the internet in our hands, It’s possible to make every language our own.

Smart service placement indeed!

A Strong Message

Creating a cooperative global community with language as the focal point is the core objective. Grameenphone helps viewers understand that language should not be a reason for us to not help those in need. At the same time, they have done a subtle and indirect service placement of their own powerful internet by showcasing the usefulness of the internet to solve the struggle of that Russian lady.

We need to understand that every language is special and unique. Now, with the internet in the palm of our hands, we will always find help and a place to call home in any corner of this world.

A brilliant TVC with a beautiful message at the center, this campaign is bound to ignite our love and appreciation for language. For more, be with Markedium.

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