“The Mosquito Mystery” by Black HIT | Godrej Bangladesh1 min read

Have you ever thought that mosquitoes can also play the lead role in a mystery plot? If not, then these 2 episodes of HIT Bangladesh are exclusively for you!

To highlight the increasing health issues caused by mosquitoes, Specialist Black HIT has come up with 2 episodes filled with suspense. The main plot is about an actor, who suddenly falls very sick and gets hospitalized. This becomes “the talk of the town” and even a team of detectives gets involved to solve the reasons behind such unfortunate events. The build-up of the first episode seems to have all the mystery elements and also ends with an intense voice of the lead investigator saying that all the evidence point towards a “cold-blooded attempt to murder”!

The second episode slowly unravels the actual reasons behind the sudden illness of the protagonist. To the utmost surprise, the investigation leads to the findings that the actor’s health deteriorated because of some mosquito-borne disease. Upon finding the reason, the lead calls for a “specialist mosquito disposal unit” to get rid of the mosquitoes. And just at that moment, another detective with a comic role presents Specialist Black HIT that can easily clear out the mosquito and leaves the freshness of lime!


The storyline of this mysterious video content is certainly entertaining! But that equally shows how a small insect can cause some serious health problems. While the 2 episodes of HIT Bangladesh took us on a thriller journey, it also pointed out that sometimes small steps can prevent big mishaps.

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