Digital Ride’s Debut OVC Promises To Solve All Your Transport Demands2 min read

One of the greatest blessings of being alive in the 21st century is technological advancement. The commute has come a long way in the last decade. Although we know live in an era with substantial convenience and comfort in movement, there is still something amiss. Digital Ride senses this lacking and their new campaign shows a solution to this scenario. It introduces a brand-new mobile app that can fulfill all the vehicular needs you can have while on the go.

Conquering the Numbers Game

At the beginning of the campaign, we can see two friends in the form of Siam Ahmed and Imdadul Haque Shovon. Together, these two youth icons introduce us to the features of the app throughout the video. Initially, the two friends plan on going on a road trip together. However, as the advertisement progresses we see the people in their group gradually increase.

However, the Digital Ride app seems to have solved their problems in every turn as well. They are able to call vehicles of different sizes as the number of people increases. The variations of the vehicle available in the app are also highlighted which ranges from motorbikes to full-scale buses. They were even able to integrate their ambulance service in the midst of the campaign.

A Pledge to Being Something Unique

Digital Ride’s latest campaign is certainly something that is very unique in comparison to their competitors. It resorted to applying humor instead of going for a conventional infomercial. They also took the innovative idea of addressing the limitations of their competitors. By providing a solution through their mobile app, they were easily able to captivate the audience.

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A ride-sharing app with every possible vehicle at your beck and call, Digital Ride has firmly put itself on the map!


Full marks to Digital Ride for coming up with an amazing and catchy commercial. However, this commercial makes the level of service expectation skyrocketed. We are not sure that there was a need for another ride-sharing service in the country right away. Digital Ride must focus on 1 or 2 of their offered services such as the ambulance service. However, how they are going to perform, only time can tell.

What are your thoughts on Digital Ride’s recent campaign? For more updates, be with Markedium!

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