Classplus Celebrates ‘Teachers Day’ With A Message Of Giving Back| Guru Dakshina2 min read

Most of us have someone in life that we owe our everything to, the one person who brought us up to be the people we are today, our Gurus. Guru Dakshina, is the idea of celebrating this bond we share with our mentors by giving them something back for the knowledge they bestowed upon us. In their most recent ad, on ‘Teacher’s Day,’ Classplus, an ed-tech platform based in India, shined a light on this beautiful concept.

At its core, the OVC used an emotional attempt to try and resonate with its audience, portraying the close-knit bond between teachers and their students. It illustrates how teachers are always present for their students, whether for an extra lecture or personal advice. However, the ad shows how the student can return that favor, showing how the student’s success can come back to help the teacher.

Although Guru Dakshina was highlighted specifically within the OVC, Classplus included a more profound call to action within the lines resonating something much bigger.

The Ed-tech industry has seen a worldwide boom within the short span of the pandemic; however, not everyone has been able to leap into online teaching.  Many, especially teachers who lack the proper skills and devices required for such classes, are not onboard making this shift.

Classplus, through this advertisement, successfully sends a positive message of change towards such teachers. It does this through a thought-provoking phrase, “If the solution to a problem doesn’t exist in the books, change the way you’re viewing the problem itself.” Suggesting teachers look outside the box and use the application as a completely new medium to continue their work.

Amid a pandemic, with a suspected 1.2 billion children now pursuing online education, this ad comes in at the right time. Thus, acting both as a tribute and a call to action towards teachers looking for solutions that allow them to continue teaching.

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