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What is the hardest form of communication from a brand? Visually conveying emotion. The best form of ads is those which gives you goosebumps. You know it has affected you and you will remember it. Fresh Victory Day Campaign 2019 is an appropriate blend of inspiration, motivation, and execution. Victory days are special; the essence of “Red and Green” carries emotion and these emotions mirror all around us. It makes us overwhelmed.

Fresh Victory Day campaign takes a route towards the achievers of the country who have always represented our country on international grounds. Those achievers who weren’t privileged or accepted like us but have made their place in our hearts. Khushi Khatun inspires us all.

Furthermore, these individuals on the Fresh campaign has outspoken their dreams into reality. The cartoonist, Morshed Mishu, has illustrated heartbreaking photos to comforting ones and made his way to the Forbes.

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In the same vein, Ayman Sadiq guided young learners to his access to free education concept and received Queen’s Young Leaders Award. They are fighters who are struggling every now-and-then to make Bangladesh proud.

Unlike, any victory day campaigns, you won’t see splashes of green and red over the screen and yet we feel the emotions. Remember the poems we used to read during our Bangla classes? The visuals intersect with our childhood poems, making us nostalgic.

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The voice-over wouldn’t be this much perfect if it weren’t for Mr. Noor’s amazing emotion flowing throughout. Additionally, the resembles of “a proud winning mother” to the motherland throughout the audiovisual keeps the tone, the message consistent with the brand.

Needless to say, how the brand paid their tribute through a simple visual and audio execution. 16th December comes more live with the Fresh Victory Day Campaign. Bangladesh needs more communications that inspire us during our struggles and this is one of them.

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