Joy of togetherness in the Survival Journey | Jollibee2 min read

Indeed 2020 has been a year of both rejuvenation and revelation. Building upon the same emotion, the Filipino multinational fast-food chain, Jollibee has come up with an uplifting message in one of their online video campaigns.

Entitling it as “A message from the future”, the video starts by envisioning a future where a grandchild curiously asks the grandfather about the global pandemic. With a sorrowful voice, the man narrates the uncertainties of that time which gradually set the plot of highlighting the disastrous consequences that Covid-19 brought with itself.

And then comes the heartwarming turning point where the video focuses on the brighter side of the pandemic. This part of the video beautifully captures the brand essence of Jollibee by simply exhibiting the blessing of being together in a family! The name “Jollibee” itself spreads out the joy in having a meal together, heartily. The same brand message has been portrayed in the video where the story focused on “surviving together”. For a brand that has been winning the hearts of millions for a long time, Jollibee yet again strikes with a fulfilling message that personifies the belief of the brand and promotes the joy of spending time with family with learning that “things should never be taken as granted”.

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The rest of the story puts the spotlight on the realizations that came after this pandemic- when the heart fluttered with joy seeing the special person not giving up and coming out as a victorious fighter! At times, we all hope for superheroes to come and save us from the toughest time, but we often forget that the strength of superheroes lies within us, and this strength comes from the family and from the joy that it gives by being together!

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