ACI Opens Our Eyes to The Plight of The Farmers2 min read

Working in the fields is no easy task. No one understands the gravitas of this statement better than the farmers. They pour their blood, sweat, and tears into farming throughout an entire year. Only after a lot of hard work do their efforts bear fruit, and they get to reap the crops. Well, ACI intends to ensure that the world knows about their hardships and to respect their labor.

Preserving the Produce

In a world that is heavily dominated by industrialization, we often tend to go to the countryside for a change of pace. Who doesn’t leave to get away from the city’s bustle and enjoy a walk by the fields? However, we often forget to realize that field we stopped to have a photo op in belongs to someone. The land that is overwhelmingly beautiful with crops is the byproduct of a farmer’s hardships.

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The ignorance of people often tends to cause farmer’s a lot of damage. In our bid to get the perfect photo, we often become oblivious to the crops around us. Our inattentiveness causes us to trample or damage them. We may not realize it, but our mistake results in the ruination of a farmer’s year-long effort. ACI Crop Care understands the pain of the farmers and thus introduced their latest campaign. The entire purpose of this campaign is to help make viewers aware of their effort. By shedding light on this issue, it plans to make people more careful when visiting crop fields.

Creating Consciousness

Raising consciousness towards preserving the crop fields of farmers is the main intention of ACI Crop Care’s latest campaign. The film shows the carelessness of people when visiting farmer’s lands. A strong yet comforting narration takes viewers through the scenes and slowly culminates into a powerful climax.

With the tagline, “যা আমাদের কাছে একটি ফুলের বাগান মাত্র, কারো কাছে সেটিই দু-বেলা খাবারের উৎস। “ACI encourages viewers to open their eyes and be more considerate. It reminds people to ensure that the farmer’s smile remains the same after their visit.

A stunning video advertisement, with a much-needed awareness-raising agenda, this

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