Relive the Journey Of The Very First IMO Streaming Agent of Bangladesh2 min read

IMO Bangladesh has recently launched their very first localized video content. The advert takes us through the journey of Bangladesh’s very first IMO voice chat room streaming agent, Megha, and her success story.

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The 2-minute campaign takes us through the journey of Ms. Megha, as she clawed her way to the top. In the initial scenes, we see our agent being subject to criticisms from her own family. As she dreams of flying with her wings wide open, we see her being subject to skepticism.

But, nothing and no one could make her stop dreaming. Nothing could make her give up her passion for creating and promoting content. She persevered, she survived. When the day of reckoning came about, she did not miss her chance. She grabbed her opportunity with every fiber of her being. The girl who was told that she couldn’t become anything became the first IMO voice chat room streaming agent in Bangladesh.


IMO did a stunning job in visualizing an inspirational story of a strong, determined woman. A woman with guts, and grit. As the advert rolled out, we heard Ms. Megha’s own voice replaying her journey to the top. The campaign brilliantly portrayed a common scenario for many young girls in Bangladesh. In spite of having incredible dreams and ideas, many young girls face constraints from their families. Society diminishes their hopes and kills their ambitions. This campaign was a true testament to how a woman who dreamt big, overcame her hurdles, and adversities.

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Furthermore, IMO conveyed their stellar voice chat streaming services along with their strong audience base with a creative flair.

What are your thoughts on IMO Bangladesh’s latest campaign? To get more updates, stay with Markedium.

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