Akash DTH’s New Campaign Tells The Tale of Quarantine2 min read

More than half the year has passed by just the same, but at the same time, it feels like it was only yesterday that we all went into quarantine. The one thing that is supposed to keep us physically safe is the one thing that is having a lasting impact on our mental wellbeing.

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Forced to be apart from friends and family. We are held prisoner in our own homes. It is only long before we get tired of our current circumstances. On the days of walking under the bright blue sky with the sun blazing down on us, and the wind rustling the leaves in the trees seem so long ago.

প্রিয়জনকে আকাশ উপহার দিন !

নিরাপদে ঘরে থাকার দিনগুলোকে একটু স্বস্তির করে তুলতে প্রিয়জনকে আকাশ উপহার দিন। আর দেশজুড়ে ছড়িয়ে থাকা লাখো পরিবারের মতো আপনিও চলে আসুন ঝকঝকে টিভি দেখার নতুন দুনিয়ায়।আকাশ কিনতে ভিজিট করুন https://bit.ly/2ZEY6da অথবা কল করুন ১৬৪৪২। এছাড়াও আপনার নিকটস্থ আকাশ চিহ্নিত আউটলেটে যোগাযোগ করতে পারেন।#AKASH #FirstDTHinBangladesh

Geplaatst door AKASH DTH op Zaterdag 18 juli 2020


It is important to occupy your time by doing more of the things that you love and keeping yourself entertained. Otherwise, in this situation, everything looks dull. Akash DTH made use of the current situation and related it seamlessly with their product and service. Their latest campaign portrays a typical scenario of many households these days, and by looking at the main couple the story is centered around will put a smile on your face.

Starting from how effortless the ordering and installation process to how vivid the images seen on screen are, this short video did a wonderful job by highlighting all the strong points of the company’s service. Not to mention, they deserve to be applauded for the creative use of the brand name and creating the story around it.

What did you think about the campaign? Let us know, and for more Bangladeshi advertising news, stay with Markedium.

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