Apple’s Latest Campaign Will Surely Raise A Few Eyebrows2 min read

Ever since debuting in 2007, Apple’s iPhone has become a mainstay in the smartphone community. Its revolutionizing functionalities and sleek designs topped with never-seen-before features has made iPhone a global phenomenon. Apple has always bagged the award for user privacy protection. From ensuring user privacy with end-to-end encryption, to anti-trafficking features in Safari, Apple has their game covered. But the latest marketing campaign of the global tech juggernaut has a few eyebrows raised.

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A uniquely key feature impeccable to iPhone services had us asking questions already. With the campaign’s latest slogan ‘Privacy. That’s iPhone’, the question seems to have become more important. Simply put, the latest campaign slogan feels tediously hollow to many long-term iPhone users.


Here’s a question to all the iPhone users.

Ever heard of IDFA?

No? You’re not the only one.

Apple’s iPhones are equipped with a unique feature that serves as an identifier for advertisers. That’s literally its name. This feature tracks every action that a user takes inside the iPhone application. The feature serves as a culmination of stores that the user visits, simultaneously monitoring every move. Not the most private of features, is it?


In their latest campaign, Apple has let the users know how to “turn off” the function. The bad news is, most users did not know that the feature existed. Thus, the current market needs for iPhone users has changed drastically. Now, we want Apple to change user ID every month, to protect user privacy more efficiently. In this manner, relevant ads will still appear, but companies will not find it as easy as they do now to profile customers.

If Apple applies this maneuver, it will safeguard user data by default. Most importantly, Silicon Valley will surely become aware that users demand this change.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s latest campaign?

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