This Victory Day, Bashundhara Oil Tells a Forgotten Tale2 min read

No, we don’t remember martyr Azad anymore. 48 years is a long time for us to remember anything anyway. The story of a martyr who didn’t give any names up does not stab us in our hearts these days. But thanks to Bashundhara Oil’s OVC, we can at least go back to that time with our own eyes.

Watch the commercial here:

It is important for brands to connect their audience with the history of a country. Especially in Bangladesh because a large generation gap exists in this country that segments the audience into two parts. One part of the audience is greatly moved by our liberation war history.

On the contrary, the other part does not have any knowledge regarding the bravery of our ancestors. Both the audience presents a great opportunity for marketers in the country to come up with engaging content. Brands can emotionally move one audience while educating the other one.


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Bashundhara Oil did a remarkable job in their OVC. Not only they dug up a rare story, but also they were able to bind it to a mother’s emotion.


Martyr Azad was not the only sufferer of the war. So was his mother. She fought her own battle in life. She knowingly ordered her son not to give away the names of other freedom fighters. After the war, she lived on with a heavy heart. Remembering how her son couldn’t have the simplest of wishes fulfilled: to eat some rice.


This OVC was able to capture the emotion better than it is narrated here. It successfully takes us back to the times of ’71. It is meant for generation Z, who does not know the name of martyr Azad or her ever-sacrificing mother. The advertisement from Bashundhara oil serves a noble cause coupled with great execution in the month of our victory.   

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