It's Her Choice-Woo Makes Online Dating Safe For Women1 min read

Considering the forever golden gut feeling of women, dating app Woo finds a way to help women follow their feeling, even in the digital dating world.

In recent times, dating apps have been on the rise and it’s easier than ever to find your match with one swipe. However, it also raises caution for women meeting absolute strangers. You never know the kind of person you’ll be meeting, apart from knowing how he looks like and messaging each other back and forth a couple of times. Seems like Woo app has a solution!

The film starts with boy meeting girl, showing off their pro-level origami skills. The boy strikes at the right moment by writing his number on a tissue paper (without his name). The girl writes back on the tissue paper with her shoe size. The boy’s jaw drops and the girl in all glory walks away from the table. Then magically, she finds him on the app and calls him without revealing her number. He picks up the call and understands that it’s the origami girl.

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Although if I look over this slight loophole, Woo is making it safer for women when it comes to dating. Giving your number to someone you don’t know can be a troubling thought so I would give a thumbs up to the CEO, Sumesh Menon, for coming up with this idea that no woman has to give her number to a man who looked cute until or unless she has a good gut feeling about him.

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