How we run out of time | ICICI Bank World Heart Day 20192 min read

We all think every day we’re doing this, doing that. We plan to do so many things for tomorrow, we plan for being at this place in the next 5/10 years. Our ambition drives us to work for that particular thing, but do we even know how much time we’ve got? Are we even having a tomorrow, let alone having 5-10 years more? Aren’t we running out of time?

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According to a report from 2013-2016, about 85 Million adults have unhealthy junk foods every day. As a result, it’s leading them toward having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and stroke. The rates of heart strokes are now higher than ever, and unfortunately, most of them are today’s young generation. According to the doctors, unhealthy diets are shifting toward this accidental health cases as well as fast aging of our hearts. Whereas if we follow healthy diets, we can have more energy and stamina, longevity, and more power to fight diseases.

Focusing on the world heart day, ICICI Bank has come up with a brilliant campaign. In their OVC – a man is shown having junk foods and saying about living life to the fullest where he seems to age faster with wrinkles on his face and hair turning into grey.

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Consistent consumption of junk food ends up making his stamina to the zero and proving it to be unhealthy for our lifestyle. Although the OVC has not got any English subtitles, we can have the gist out of it.

The OVC ends up with a big question, and that question is to every one of us. We all expect to live our life to the fullest, but keeping all these unhealthy habits is even worthy of keeping? Time to think.

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