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CHILDHOOD – A memory lane filled with intense moments in the afternoon’s football match at the play-ground, a different eagerness for the favorite cartoon to come on television, a notebook filled with stickers, and so many more. It’s not just a period of making beautiful memories but also a time when our actual passion starts to cultivate. But are these words anymore relevant to today’s generation?

Today – Football is something that kids play in tabs or play-station, cartoons are most often neglected for being one touch away, and the notebooks are replaced by social media platforms like Facebook. Not saying, technologies are bad but, the question is how much it’s efficient for the kids, and how will they cultivate something they love, or would it be executed too via one touch away mediums?

After a long time, Surf Excel Bangladesh has come up with a different campaign and a tagline to raise awareness about this issue, which is silently killing the inner potential of our kids these days.

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What Surf Excel tried to portray?

In the 40 seconds, OVC – Surf Excel portrayed how kids are doing these days and how it’s creating a negative impact. The virtual football game, consistent usage of different apps has gone to such extent that our kids are now even getting away from parental love in their childhood.

And finally, an alarming message for all the parents out there to take this issue seriously to make their childhood filled with a bunch of memories rather than embedding in some tabs or smartphones.

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