TVS Bike: Connecting with Consumers Done Right2 min read

In today’s hyper-competitive world, succeeding as a brand means going beyond. It is no longer enough to simply excel in product offerings. Brands are striving to become something much bigger than what they’re selling. Because being something bigger is what allows brands to connect with consumers.

Ultimately, positive consumer relationships mark the success of a brand. TVS Motor Company has executed this concept flawlessly in their latest advertisement campaign.

TVS has launched a sales promotion campaign for the upcoming Eid known as the “Mega Cashback Offer”. Customers can gain up to 100% cash back upon purchasing a TVS motorcycle. To communicate this offer, TVS has come up with a stunning OVC.

However, neither motorcycles nor the cashback offer takes center stage in this OVC. Rather, the TVC explores the relationship a father has with his son. The advertisement sets the premise by showing father and son together waiting for the bus. As they both ride different buses to go to their respective destinations, they start to empathize with each other. Out of sheer love, they both think of doing something to make each other’s commuting life easier.

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The climax of the advertisement shows that both the father and the son buy a TVS motorcycle later the same day. They had bought the motorcycles as surprise gifts for each other. The story beautifully highlights the love and similarity of thinking that exists in a father-son relationship. The ad ends by informing the viewer about the cashback offer of TVS motorcycles.

And just like that, TVS as a brand becomes a part of this father-son relationship, something much bigger than motorcycles. The advertisement further conditions the consumer to view TVS products as something to give to loved ones as a gift. Combined with the incentive of cashback, TVS is likely to enjoy a successful season of sales.

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