This Women’s Day, Brac Stood against Sexual Harassment2 min read

Women being on the receiving end of vulgar gestures on a daily basis isn’t unheard of. Having others witness these obscene acts and turning away unfazed is also nothing out of the ordinary. Forced to silently endure, women are praying that this is as far as it gets, their jaws tight, fists clenched.

No matter what you say, unsolicited sexual gestures are a form of sexual harassment. Bystander’s indifference only encourages the wrongdoer to continue with their offensive actions. Unless we make a move against what is wrong and stand for what is right, the world will never change.

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When Women’s Day is all about finding your voice and standing up for your rights, it is high time we put an end to all forms of sexual harassment. As women, if we don’t make a move to put an end to these kinds of behavior, how can we expect others to stand for ourselves?

This Women’s Day, Brac sends a strong message against all forms of sexual harassment and encourages everyone to stand their ground as well. Through their campaign, the highly prestigious NGO portrays the horrors that women have to face every day, or worse, the frustrating feeling of having no one come to their aid when they need it.

Watch The Campaign Here:

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Instead of cowering or silently enduring the humiliation, Brac encourages all women to make a move. All protests don’t have to be vocal. Sometimes, all we need to do is show that we are not afraid to take serious actions if and when necessary.

Sexual harassment by law is a crime. Don’t egg on criminals by your silence. Stand up for yourself and others to help the world put an end to this. Complaining about how the world needs to change will get you nowhere. Be the change-maker yourself and create an example for others to follow.

This Women’s Day, Brac did a wonderful job portraying sexual harassment and how it is a serious issue in our country. Let us know about your thoughts on the campaign and for the latest Bangladeshi advertising updates, be with Markedium.

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