Konka Refrigerator Tells You To Keep Your Inner Soul Clean2 min read

Conceptualized by Mediacom Ltd, Konka Refrigerator came with a brilliant campaign to encourage us all to have a clear inner soul. The best thing about the campaign is that they delivered the social message keeping the product relevance intake.

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As the film develops, we see a so-called socially powerful individual paid a visit to our local film star Purnima who was taking care of a higher government administrative position. The individual placed a request to Purnima to release one of their own who has been jailed due to a rape case. Purnima denied the request with a bit of gritty advice and here comes the best part of the campaign.

Konka Refrigerator – Garden Fresh – Full TVC 2020

পচে যাচ্ছেন তো! চিন্তা ভাবনা সব পচে যাচ্ছে!গন্ধ পাচ্ছেন না? …………..পচা গন্ধের দিন শেষখাবার থাকবে গার্ডেন ফ্রেশ! বড় বড় রুই কাতলদের অনেক দিন ভালো রাখতে ক্লিক করুনঃ https://bit.ly/2W4olte

Geplaatst door KONKA Bangladesh op Zaterdag 14 maart 2020

While denying the request Purnima shared a piece of advice that directly commits to the product benefit of Konka refrigerator. Apparently, Purnima suggested the individual to keep him in her Konka refrigerator to clean his inner soul as the individual’s mindset was seemingly rotten. As the campaign comes to an end, Purnima justified her statement of why she wanted to keep him inside of Konka refrigerator.

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Because, Konka refrigerator keeps everything fresh and clean, no chance of getting rotten. Delivering the product benefit, checked!

Let us know your thoughts on the campaign. For the latest Bangladeshi advertising news, be with Markedium.

Agency Details

Agency Mediacom Ltd. Bangladesh – Member of Square Group
Executive Creative Director Taufique Mahmud
Creative Director Ali Sagar Shahidullah
Account Director, CR Simon Islam Shawon
Production Coordinator, Agency Ashfaq Khan
Assistant Manager, Media Planning Hossain Nusrat
Supervisor, Digital Media Shah Shaifullah Al Zakerin
Production Facecard
Director Mejbaur Rahman Sumon

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