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46% of low-income women in the world have to choose between a meal and a period pad once a month. Yet, in most countries, basic period hygiene comes at a high cost. Governments receive luxury taxes on a natural occurrence that makes the whole human existence possible.

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But, ahead of the International Women’s Day, “Period” took an initiative to raise awareness and drive an online revolt by men by instilling coin-based toilet papers in men’s washrooms. The creative agency Huge helped “Period” to deploy this initiative.

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So, for one day, if you are a man, you have to buy your toilet papers in public restrooms, something that you usually get for free. “Period” has done it to help men understand how it feels to not avail of something that you’re in urgent need of. Watch the ad here:


The usual scenario for women is to always be wary of their upcoming period date and keep a tampon/ pad around. In case she is without one in time of need, she has to borrow from a friend if lucky or run to the medicine store in that situation to get one as fast as possible.

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But basic hygiene should be available for free, right? At least all the men think so! “Freetheperiod” has been trending on twitter since International Women’s Day. The campaign was either put a coin to get tissue paper or tweet with the hashtag and men willingly chose the latter.

It was a fun and innovative way to help the other half of the society understand how huge the problem is and it’s already created a lot of impacts. “Period” has been actively working to create menstrual awareness around the globe and they have already celebrated National Period Day back on October 19, 2019.

It’s time we installed free tampons in your public restroom and waive the taxes. Basic hygiene is not a luxury. Period…

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