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Just lately, a wonderful initiative was instigated by PRAN UHT Milk. The program is primarily focusing on inspiring special children. Thus, it had been named as “Inspiring Life”.

PRAN is one of the largest conglomerate of our country. For this years World Autism Awareness Day, PRAN UHT Milk conveyed a campaign which delivered a venerated message.

The campaign depicts a usual day of a mother in a new office. She was impelled to bring her son who is disabled by autism. Her fellow colleagues and employees despise him by looking hideously and throwing comments. The poor boy feels oppressed under such things. Eventually, he shouts at a worker.

Feeling remorseful, his mother struggles to comfort him. On the other hand, the chief of the company is distressed about an algorithm. Thus, he leaves his desk feeling rigid. Surprising everyone, the special child solves the equation which astonishes everyone around the office.

The insights behind the campaign are noteworthy. The people of our society are ascetic while dealing with special children. They don’t allow them an affable place to grow or just be themselves. PRAN took a step against this social prohibition.

Watch for yourself


At the end of the campaign there’s an advisory of a program named “Inspiring Life”. The arrangement is for the special kids only. For motivating and inspiring them through various activities. Moreover, the program will also work to channel some changes on our society.

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Autism might be a developmental disorder. However, you never know! These special children might be the most talented ones. They can also be the pioneer in many difficult or troublesome subjects. People should be affectionate towards them and build a wholesome ambience where they can shine properly. Campaigns like “Inspiring Life” will work conveniently to make some effective progress.

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