Lazy or Busy- FoodPanda does not judge!1 min read

It does not matter whether you are too lazy or fond of comfort - Foodpanda got you covered with their fast delivery! Just one tap and get your favorite food at your doorstep at any time.

Craving for some scrumptious double cheeseburger loaded with onion strings, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and your favorite patty? Or maybe the mouthwatering aroma of Kachchi is haunting you in work or in your studies? Well, you know what to do to satisfy your hunger- Just one tap and the rest is taken care of by the food delivery heroes of Foodpanda!

Have you ever been rewarded for your laziness? If the answer is no, then Foodpanda brings you the reward for the lazy geniuses! This 15 seconds ad has embedded their promise of fast delivery with a comical scene where a guy comfortably sits on his couch and does not want to get separated from it! What happens next is even funnier than seeing the guy with his majestic posture. Just like a lazy genius, he presses his remote control car and it creates a Domino Effect with the books. Just in few seconds the ball falls in the basket and opens up the door and we see the grand entry of Foodpanda’s delivery hero. The way Foodpanda presented its message of “fast delivery of foods in 30 minutes with just one tap” is equally hilarious and brilliant!

Ever since Bangladesh has seen some tremendous growth in the food delivery market, Foodpanda has also marked its name in the list. With mixed emotions, Foodpanda has become very popular in this segment. Their promise to deliver food in 30 minutes is one of their unique selling propositions, and this is where their creativity pops up as well!

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