Brands Piggybacking Apple’s Fame By Mocking The New iPhone Camera Design2 min read

Apple unveiled its most awaited iPhone 11 on Tuesday and already it has become the talking point for all the tech lovers. The specs and other features make it the most powerful iPhone till date. But there is one feature that was the main central selling point for Apple this year. Yes, I am talking about the camera feature with more megapixels and smart HDR.

But unfortunately, the users couldn’t stand one feature and that has created quite some mockery on the web against Apple.

Which one? The bizarre camera design from Apple for their iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max!

New iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max cameras brag a variety of new abilities, many were diverted by inexplicable design— an adjusted square knock carved into the upper left corner of the mobile, with three cameras standing out in a triangular shape.

How did the social media react to the design? It was hilarious. While some were busy making fun of the new design, the updated look has also provoked some users’ trypophobia-a fear of holes!

Other brands (both global and local) took this opportunity to piggyback the social media outrage against Apple and apparently end up mocking the new design. Although we didn’t understand why some of the brands did it, here is a compilation of all the three eyed print ads from other brands to mock the latest iPhone 11 pro and max:

Local Brands: Some of the local brands of Bangladesh also have tried to mock Apple with their digital contents. Here are some of them:

#Nescafe Bangladesh

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#Sultan’s Dine

We don’t know why they have done it!

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#Airtel Bangladesh

Well, Airtel might have tried to mock other brands Bangladesh that are mocking Apple. See some of the mocking ads from other brands, you will get the connection.

70201029 2573770179328704 367153410987786240 n

#Za N Zee

70232747 171555137316590 1320033321975021568 o

#Wonder Dish Wash Solution

70268736 1687127214764177 4403635504801644544 o

#Pran Potatos

70306925 171555150649922 8602384375046209536 o


71253873 2573770689328653 7338010011001421824 n

Global Brands: Some of the global brands mostly from India have also tried to mock Apple with their digital contents. Here are some of them:


Apple’s officials made a decent attempt last Tuesday to cause its new iPhones to appear as though the eleventh happening to a Steve Jobs brainwave, yet some way or another everything appeared to be an edgy push to sell a large number of cameras.

Samsung took one take a gander at this and started to laugh


69896437 1336775399823665 3431806052075569152 o


70616748 2442045002737035 8523919647580356608 o


70748886 2573769399328782 1092056651176869888 n


70241631 2442044662737069 6833630810063503360 o


70409726 2442044769403725 4433477195272290304 n

70439604 2442044692737066 8901995181876707328 o

70681469 2442044619403740 5508320433570578432 n

So, this was our take on brands mocking the new iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max!

Wait a minute, we haven’t asked you about your opinion on the latest iPhone. Let us know what do you think about the new iPhone? And for more exciting articles and news, stay connected with Markedium Facebook Page.

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