Berger’s Latest Campaign Takes You Back To The Memory Lane2 min read

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]erger Paints Bangladesh Limited has launched their latest campaign yesterday to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a tour to our childhood.

তোমার কাজল কিন্তু, কালোই ভালো!”– does this dialogue ring a bell?

If you are a ‘90s kid, you must remember the newlywed couple deciding about the color of their rooms. Yes, I am talking about the legendary advert of Berger Bangladesh Limited starring Shimul and Chaity.

In ’98, Berger introduced us to the dream of a newly married couple who decided to color the living room pink, study room green and the bedroom blue like the sky. The beginning of a sweet love story. And after 21 years, in 2019, Berger decided to show how they have really been doing.

Have a look. You will fall in love with everything about the campaign.

The background music was spot on! Hold the whole essence of the campaign throughout the whole time.

What Berger Did Right?

Berger did an amazing work in case of touching their recent targeted Group so perfectly. The kids of ’90s have become the decision makers in 2019. Even in the recent OVC, we can see that all the decisions have been taken by the kids. And connecting the two dots, Berger Paints decided to deliver the message that it’s your time to paint your own world. If you have heard the jingle attentively, the message will be clearer to you.

Beginning of A New Trend?

As ‘90s kids, we have witnessed many great advertising campaigns which make us nostalgic till date and with this campaign, Berger has shown us a new path with their latest campaign. So, can we expect a few more brands to make us recall our childhood memories in such a manner?

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Well, the time will answer that if others are going to follow Berger’s footstep or not. However, for the time being, we are crossing our fingers with high hopes.

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The overall execution of this campaign has been an amazing one! For instance, they kept the background music similar to the ‘98s one where they said, doesn’t matter what happens in life, if you are colorful, your life will be full of colors. The last entry of the couple may be the real surprise to everyone.

The presence of Jannatul Ferdous Oishee, Miss Bangladesh 2018, has also added up a new color in the OVC with a hope to come up with the third part of the beloved TVC real soon.

So, what’s your thought on this latest campaign from Berger? Made you smile or not? Let us know.

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