UBER Added Tk 45 Billion To Bangladesh Economy in 20212 min read

Uber’s 2021 Bangladesh Economic Impact Report, researched and gathered by Public First, a UK-based policy research firm, was uncovered yesterday at an event in the public capital. The Report features how Uber has changed the on-request economy for riders, driver partners, and the more extensive local area by creating Tk. 45 Billion for the Bangladesh economy in 2021.

It profoundly jumps into the elements behind the economic commitment, consumer surplus, how clients benefit, and how driver partners gain from adaptable work.

Reportedly, the key findings of the report are given below:

  • Uber Injected BDT 45 Billion To Bangladesh Economy in 2021

    This incorporates both the impact of earnings of driver-partners through Uber and the more extensive roundabout and incited multiplier impact made all through the organization’s more extensive supply chain.

Rides on Uber’s platform produced Tk. 70 Billion in consumer surplus in 2021, which is roughly equivalent to 0.25% of the GDP of the country. Reportedly, 95% of riders say that comfort is an important reason for choosing to use Uber.

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It is also estimated that Uber saves riders over 17 million hours a year in a year. The report also stated that Bangladesh riders have experienced the most significant transport innovation in the last decade.

  • 73% of driver-partners said they were satisfied with Uber in 2021

    UBER helped the riders earn an additional Tk. 522 Million in higher income through Uber or an average of 26% more than their next best alternative source of income or work.

  • UBER played a vital part in empowering Women, both the Riders and Passengers

    96% of female riders say that safety is an important factor in their choice to use Uber, and 72% of female riders agree that it is now easier to get home late at night. 

Adding on, 84% of riders without access to a car said the availability of ridesharing services like Uber was important to their choice of not owning a vehicle. In total, reportedly, the report estimates that 1 in 6 Uber trips connect with public transport.

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