Walton Enters Mobile Phone Circuit Board Production2 min read

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has authorized Walton Digi-Tech Industries to manufacture printed circuit boards (PCBs) for mobile phones domestically, marking a significant leap in Bangladesh’s electronics manufacturing sector. This landmark decision positions Walton as the first Bangladeshi company to embark on the production of PCBs specifically tailored for mobile devices. PCBs are integral components that facilitate the operation of electronic devices by providing a platform for connecting and controlling various components.

Walton’s foray into PCB production underscores its commitment to enhancing local value addition and reducing dependency on imports in the mobile manufacturing industry. With preliminary approval granted by the BTRC, Walton now has the opportunity to establish itself as a key player in the production of multilayer PCBs for mobile phones.

The approval from the BTRC signifies a significant milestone for Walton and the broader electronics manufacturing landscape in Bangladesh. By venturing into PCB production, Walton aims to contribute to the country’s economic growth while promoting self-reliance and innovation in the technology sector.

Brig Gen Mohammad Moniruzzaman Jewel, Director General of the BTRC’s Spectrum Division, lauded the move, emphasizing its potential to boost local value addition and conserve foreign currency reserves. He highlighted the importance of initiatives like this in fostering economic development and creating opportunities for local industries to thrive.

In addition to manufacturing PCBs, Walton’s diversified portfolio includes desktop computers, laptops, networking devices, monitors, projectors, motherboards, data storage devices, wearables, and tablet PCs. This expansion into PCB production further solidifies Walton’s position as a leading player in Bangladesh’s electronics industry.

Walton’s approval to produce mobile phone circuit boards domestically represents a significant stride towards achieving self-sufficiency and promoting indigenous innovation in Bangladesh’s electronics manufacturing sector. With this development, Walton is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the country’s technology landscape while contributing to its economic prosperity.

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