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The e-commerce landscape of Bangladesh has seen its fair share of players in recent times. With the rapid rise of online businesses in the country, the e-commerce industry has seen an incredible boost. Every day more than 30,000 orders are being delivered by over 2000 e-commerce platforms all over the country. Unfortunately, these numbers do not reveal the true scenes.

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The industry is plagued with a handful of bottlenecks, such as delayed deliveries and product damages. As for the wrong delivery of products; that’s a different story altogether. In order to minimize the hassles of the customers, has announced their arrival. In their pilot campaign, the newest e-commerce platform in Bangladesh has promised to be the solution.


The campaign integrated 4 sub-campaigns with each sub-campaign addressing a significant problem, or promising potential innovation.

The main campaign starts with an inspirational tone, addressing the target market; the youth and adults. Throughout the campaign, we see people from both genders in their everyday walk of life. The campaign focuses on positioning the brand as a one-stop solution to any and every need. Regardless of how small or big it is, Aleshamart promises to be here for you.

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In our incredibly fast-progressing lives, more often than not we forget to take care of many responsibilities. Or, we simply do not get the time for procuring many necessities. In their opening campaign, Aleshamart promises to be a one-stop solution for every possible situation, with incredible value promises.


In the 4 sub-campaigns, Aleshamart shows the bottlenecks that the e-commerce industry is facing today. Aleshamart poked a few big players in the industry with their shortcomings in a subtle yet noticeable execution.

Firstly, Aleshamart launched two sub-campaigns emphasizing the customers’ regular struggles with late deliveries. The campaign uses humorous visuals to drive the attention of the audience to promote their effective delivery services.

Secondly, with another humorous appeal, the brand portrayed the struggles of wrong delivery of products. Yes, we are talking about onions packaged inside a mobile case.

On the other hand, Aleshamart promised ‘cash delivery’ anywhere, anytime; a first in the country.


The pilot campaign is certainly a success, as far as we are concerned. The brand already has people talking, and we are yet to see how the brand progresses with its communications pre and post-launch.

But one thing is for certain; we are hopeful about the arrival of a new e-commerce platform. Let’s just hope that the brand lives up to its promises and fulfills our expectations. If they do? Well, the e-commerce landscape is surely going to see a few key players on the edge of their seats.

What are your thoughts on Aleshamart’s pilot campaign? For more updates, stay with Markedium.

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