Branding Without Branding: Take A Look At Coca-Cola’s #Openitlikeneverbefore Campaign2 min read

The best way to summarize 2020: Global crisis. Any and everywhere we look, it’s chaos over chaos. To put the cherry on top of the cake we have COVID-19. One of very few global pandemics ever to come by, COVID-19 has already taken millions of lives. Due to the global pandemic, our lives, as we know it, has come to a standstill. The lives that we used to live, is behind us. Now, is the time of ‘The new normal’. But who says we have to go back to the normal we used to know? Ask Coca-Cola, as they certainly seem to believe so. In their latest collaborative campaign with George The Poet, Coca-Cola hopes to usher in ‘the normal’ we need.

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By now, we are used to Coca-Cola’s incredible campaign executions. But, this? This is something entirely different. The first word set the campaign alive itself. The whole campaign started off with a visual story-telling, narrated by George. The effectiveness of the campaign lies in its message.


In this campaign, They hide the actual message behind the stunning visuals aligns, Portraying Coke’s brand positioning beautifully. Coke is a symbol of happiness and celebrating life. The brand intertwined this message with the current ongoing global pandemic. The soft beverage giant portrayed the new normal as the normal.

Maybe, we will never go back to the normal we know. Maybe the course of our lives has changed forever. Coca-Cola tried to portray the significance of celebrating life, love, and togetherness in between all the turmoil.

Throughout the whole campaign, the name ‘Coca-Cola’ was not mentioned once. It was a perfect example of creative product placement through visual story-telling. In the campaign, we see one important factor of life being referred; epiphanies.

In its latest campaign, Coca-Cola vows on behalf of all its customers, to be open. not to complain ever again. To live a little more. To listen a little harder, give in to the rhythm. All in all, with Coke, we all are stronger, together.

What are your thoughts on this stunning campaign by Coca-Cola?

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