Nestle’s Latest Campaign Pledges To Be With Families Under All Circumstances2 min read

These are trying times. The landscape of the country, the livelihood of families, and their behavioral patterns have changed. Now, consumers are home-centric, and more importantly, they are very aware of their health and hygiene. Emphasizing on needs of consumers for their wellbeing, Nestle has launched their newest campaign.

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THE CAMPAIGN: ভালো রাখতে, আছি পাশে

The campaign did a splendid job with their brand placements throughout the 74 seconds of the commercial. The campaign starts off with a doctor taking a breather from his busy schedule having a sip of Nescafe. The predominant brand of Nestle serving the hot beverages market is portrayed beautifully.

সময়ে, অসময়ে NESTLÉ Bangladesh আছে সবসময়

সময়টা যতই কঠিন হোক; আপনার পরিবারকে ভালো রাখতে NESTLÉ Bangladesh পাশে আছে সবসময়।

Geplaatst door Nestlé Bangladesh op Zondag 11 oktober 2020


The scene follows a mother calling Nestle’s hotline for her household product deliveries,


This illustrates Nestle’s impeccable customer service, with precautionary measures in-home deliveries. We can see Nestle brands such as Nestle’s Ceregrow, Nido, Koko Krunch portrayed in a unique family-centric manner. Nestle wanted to promote its home care products with a message promoting their support for mothers who work tirelessly in households.

It hopes to reduce the obstacles faced by people in the new normal, with a little enthusiasm. They placed their staple consumer food product Maggi positioning the brand as the go-to food for any and all times.

Nestle outdid themselves in this latest campaign. The brand carefully appealed to the customers as a family-oriented brand.


The campaign saw Nestle illustrating their exceptional adherence to producing and delivering quality products. Nestle hopes to assure the consumers that even in these trying times, the brand ensures quality and trust.

From their modern production facilities, international quality, to the maintenance of proper nutrition, Nestle is always here to keep you well.

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