Deligram Owns Shopway Focusing On B2B1 min read

Recently, Deligram has obtained Shopway. In other words, a startup focusing on digitizing the B2B exchange among retailers and merchants over Bangladesh’s FMCG industry. To begin with, Shopway came into the market in 2018 with a hyperlocal model. To explain, it allowed shoppers to arrange from their closest general stores and get products within 60 minutes. In addition, the startup raised a helping hand round of subsidizing and moved on from the GP Accelerator program.

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In view of new features that are being turned out to clients, clients on the Deligram App will have the option to discover a Deligram Retailer close by. Moreover, put in their week by week basic food item requests through the application or just over WhatsApp visit.

By and large, the technology and operation teams will keep on revealing the application to a great many merchants across Bangladesh, in this way serving a huge number of retailers, the official statement included.

Generally speaking, The advanced startup industry in Bangladesh is developing at a remarkable rate.  In this regard, joining the best of powers will carry speed to the post-Coronavirus new opportunity cost. In fact, that is undoubtedly hitrush of advanced changing the corner shops. This obtaining is to be sure of an extraordinary priority for different new businesses in the environment also. Undoubtedly, an excellent B2B approach.

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