Painting the Independence Throughout the Dhaka Streets- Asian Paints Bangladesh2 min read

On the occasion of 49th Independence Day of Bangladesh, Asian Paints Bangladesh came up with a brilliant idea to commemorate the event.  On 23rd March, Asian Paints called for participation from the locals to paint the walls of Dhaka Streets with their own meaning of Independence.

Before going any further- you must have a watch:

The effort to decorate the street walls of Dhaka with the essence of independence was indeed a praiseworthy act.

Now, what makes this campaign an amazing one? Let’s have a walk!

Well, first of all- any campaign that involves its target audience is a good one. But when the same campaign blends the product from the brand in that audience engagement, makes it a smart one. Full marks to Asian Paints Bangladesh for that.

Secondly, think about the exposures! To initiate the campaign, Asian Paints Bangladesh selected some of the busiest streets of Bangladesh. I believe you- currently reading this piece of article have seen at least one of the selected street walls several times in your time in Dhaka on your way. So, the next day when you see the wall again, it will make you remember about the brand. ROI- check mate!

We can consider the beautification of the roadsides as well as an added benefit. Let’s face it, a wall with the touch of your independence is always better than those regular boring walls.

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Last but not the least, the inner thought behind the campaign. The meaning of independence varies from person to person. Asian paints presented the audience with an opportunity to have a little taste of March 26 by letting them choose their own color of independence.

So, that was our take on the Independence Day campaign by Asian Paints Bangladesh. What do you think- is this one a contender of this year’s top Independence Day campaign? Let us know!

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