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Every year, Bangladesh commemorates its independence on 26th March. It is the day when the whole nation remembers the sacrifices of our freedom fighters, political activists, and the common folk. Unlike other years, this year Bangladesh along with the whole world is currently fighting another war against the Pandemic Covid-19.

The whole world is currently on a standstill that feels like we all have lost our freedom. We have noticed some of the brands have incorporated this fight against the deadly coronavirus with their contents for this years’ Independence Day! Numerous brands have advocated for social distancing against the Covid-19 with their communication.

So, without any delay, let’s have a look at how the local brands have paid their homage to this year’s Independence Day!

Brand Name

Ispahani Mirzapore Tea

90477876 2797732970339245 701854770641502208 o90488834 2797732990339243 8144588230486917120 o90393039 2797732983672577 5404046959860252672 o90623722 2797733063672569 8214878290863718400 o

90578300 2797733073672568 3707801792977829888 o


Brand Name


90552286 238453424008455 1766077207651811328 n


Brand Name


91088299 238451907341940 4310400681157591040 n


Brand Name

Duranta Bicycle

90878715 238453034008494 2040855230836375552 n


Brand Name Bashundhara Atta, Maida, Suji

91212409 238453477341783 1120382252551766016 n



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Brand Name

Akij Plastics

91248317 238453594008438 4853232908980191232 n


Brand Name

Vision Electronics

91231802 238451647341966 1431971770415448064 n


Brand Name


90944352 238451524008645 7726576668638183424 n


Brand Name


91101089 238453077341823 6696296305901174784 n


Brand Name

MI Bangladesh

91213223 238453540675110 3720136608339460096 n


Brand Name


90916041 238452997341831 5050728046554775552 n

Brand Name


91280819 238451834008614 2515475032877039616 n


Brand Name


91059140 238453687341762 8990786097348870144 n

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Brand Name

BOLT Glucose Powder

91217060 238452634008534 4485601962053599232 n


Brand Name

Berger Bangladesh

91027962 238451480675316 2556379373691207680 n

Let us know which one is your favorite. For more updates, be with Markedium.


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