Same Eid, Different Way of Celebrating2 min read

The two major Islamic celebrations of the year are ones that Muslims all around the world look forward to every year. Not only is it a time for Muslims to celebrate with friends and family, but it is also a major opportunity to reflect upon blessings with two immense acts of worship during both the Eids.

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This year, Eid has been a tad bit different from the global pandemic turning all of our lives upside down.  On top of that, we have are maintaining physical distance from our closed oness We are also having to do go through a hard time adapting to this new normal.

ঈদ আনন্দটা এবার নাহয় একটু অন্য রকমই হোক, কিন্তু ভালোবাসায় তৈরি মুহূর্তগুলো আমাদেরকে ঘিরে রাখুক আগেরই মতো।ঈদ মোবারাক!

Geplaatst door Sunshine Everyday op Donderdag 30 juli 2020

So far, we have been forced to change the way of our daily lives. From doing work from home to shopping for groceries online. It has been hard, but somehow or another we are making things work.

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For our safety and others, we might not be having the usual family gatherings and throwing huge parties to celebrate on a large scale. But that does not mean we cannot celebrate at all. At times where we cannot be physically present to stand by our loved ones’ side, let our actions speak for us in place of our love for them.

Sunshine Everyday’s Eid Campaign shows us just how easily that can be done. They cleverly advertised their products in a wholesome video that shows how love can be expressed through kindness and words, even if the people themselves aren’t physically there.

Just because the way you celebrate Eid is different, does not make it is any less meaningful and can be just as wholesome as previous celebrations. Right now, ensuring the safety of you and those around you matters more. This is a tide that we all must overcome together, for better days are surely coming.

What did you think about Sunshine Everyday’s Eid Campaign? Let us know, and for more Bangladeshi advertisement news, stay with Markedium!

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