Kansai Nerolac Cares About Your Colors and Tahsan Agrees!2 min read

Imagine coloring one of the rooms in your house, let alone the entire house. An absolute hassle that you definitely want to avoid, right? Not anymore. Kansai Nerolac, in their latest campaign illustrates that they truly care about your colors.


Nerolac leveraged on the brand image of one of nation’s most popular celebrities, Tahsan Khan. At the very beginning of the campaign, we delve into the daily life of Mr. Tahsan. On a one-to-one conversation with the audience, Tahsan informs us his daughter’s wish to paint her room pink.

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Just like us, Kansai Nerolac also saw the opportunity to help Mr. Tahsan and we see the arrival of Kansai Nerolac in the second transition of the campaign. Tahsan guides us through his journey of unveiling the DIY Kit Box. We can clearly see the expression of satisfaction in his face. The campaign focuses on two things.

 Firstly, the easy-to-use, and convenient features of Nerolac. On the other hand, we get to witness the stunning outlook of the colors primarily in the daughter’s room, ultimately the whole house. It was a mixture of incredible endorsement marketing, along with story-telling involving a slice of life.


The impact of the campaign is surely going to resound in the minds of the audience. On one hand we have a celebrity whom everyone adores. Furthermore, when Tahsan tells us that he has confidence on Kansai Nerolac; it’s surely a game winner. The sheer quality of the campaign resides behind the impeccable visualization of Nerolac’s incredible paint.

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The campaign focuses heavily on the authenticity of their paint. Tahsan himself endorses Kansai, a Japanese brand which never compromises quality. Added with that, we have the paints almost not reeking any smell of the paint. The campaign in compact, and paints a vivid picture of a brand which cares.

A brand which cares about families, and their colors.

What are your thoughts on Kansai Nerolac’s latest campaign? For more be with Markedium.

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