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Inequality is an inalienable component of the world that we live in. You are more likely than not go over talking points about the rich getting significantly more extravagant, and the poor getting much less fortunate. Despite this gap, nourishment waste is a colossal issue.

However, the significant advocate of this issue is privileged to our general public.

A study expresses that we toss out practically 1.3 billion tons of food consistently. Since the rich much of the time discard old goods to purchase fresher ones, this number is just expected to go higher. To handle this pickle, a campaign by Hellmann’s known as The Art We Waste exhibited an intriguing twist on this wonder.

The Art We Waste Hellmans Social Experiment Made A Statement Markedium

This video campaign arranged by Miami Ad School exhibited the differentiating thought that the rich spend excessive measures of cash on purchasing art, but neglect to comprehend the seriousness of the nourishment wastage emergency.

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A display presentation exhibiting crafted by prestigious artists made the campaign considerably increasingly significant. But here is the twist, all the paintings showcased at the gallery weren’t any regular ones!

The artists utilized paint inferred by transforming food waste into shading for the formation of a considerable number of artworks in plain view. The audience at the display was later allowed to put offers for the artworks. However, the materials utilized really taking shape of the artworks were unbeknownst to them. Before the finish of the display, the audience was made aware of this mystery. Their response toward the end illustrated the campaign’s adequacy.

Let us know about your thoughts on the campaign and be with Markedium.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Spain
Ad: Andrea Serrano Villaverde
Ad: Sergio Martín Méndez
Copy: Stefanie Salguero

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