Weekend Special: Even The Ghosts Are Afraid Of BMW2 min read

The automobile giant has come up with a hilarious but effective execution with their recent advert for their 7 series self driving car.

Do you believe in sinister? Or an eerie soul? Well, you may or may not. That really doesn’t matter when you can scare them off. Only and only if you own an autonomous car by BMW. Yeah, it’s a costly way but scaring off a phantom ain’t going to be so easy.

The campaign has a decently nightmarish story-line. It’s only a minute long. What happens is not your typical, extremely stylish BMW autonomous car rides through the trails of an opaque thrust. All of a sudden, an incarnation of a frightening female ghost appears. The car stops right before the ghost. However, the phantom comes beforehand and opens up the door. As soon as the ghost peeks into the car, she turns pale and runs away. Afterwards, there’s a close-up clip delineating that no one’s sitting in the driver’s seat. The fact which eventually scared away the horrid wraith.

BMW named the campaign as “Autonomous Driving- Nothing to Fear”. They have been inquiring into this fancy subject since 1990s. While people could only have reveries regarding such things, they clearly made it into reality. BMW chronologically composed this massive project. Surely, this no assistance, no driver, sovereign car is an aftermath of 30 years. The campaign is about to hit 150K views on YouTube within a week of its release. Moreover, the dynamism regarding the campaign is really massive.

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Although, there are still many objections about the security and soundness. However, we must count ourselves lucky that we are living in such an upgraded era. Dreams are no longer hallucinating us, rather we are curating them into modern day reality. Autonomous car is undoubtedly surreal but so is the brilliance of humans.

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