Pran Up Drops Bars to Warm Hearts2 min read

Winter, a season where Bangladesh seems to light up with festivities and glees. People seem to immerse themselves in the cool wintery breeze and indulge in traditional cakes. It’s also that time of the year when weddings kick off in full swing in Dhaka especially. However, in our joys and celebrations, we often forget the plight of the other half of the country’s population. Pran Up’s recent campaign, “ছরাই ভালবাসার উষ্ণতা” campaign tends to change this behavior and plead to our humanitarian side.

Rapping to Remind

The campaign features a fast-paced yet emotional take on winter. With the help of local rappers Tabib Mahmud and Gully Boy Rana, Pran Up reminds the financially solvent citizens about their duty to the community. A powerful rap song is the main focus of this advertisement.

Through powerful lyrics, the two hip-hop artists draw our attention to the poor’s daily struggle in our country during winter. They remind us to be warmer and inviting towards these people. Only by looking after the oppressed can we create a winter that is equally enjoyable for all.

A Plea for Parity

Compassion and humility are the main focuses of this campaign. Pran Up has appealed to the youth and the internet community of Bangladesh through the integration of hip-hop. It will generate interest and empathy from a wide community of people through the two rappers who are both internet sensations in their own right. Although it may not seem like a conventional social call, the utilization of youth trends will garter a massive response.

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A bouncy soundtrack with a thought-provoking message, this campaign by Pran Up is bound to make us considerate towards the deprived.

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