Dettol Malaysia Redefines Cleanliness in Ramadan campaign2 min read

In a notable collaboration, Reckitt’s trusted hygiene brand, Dettol, joined forces with Havas Malaysia and unveiled a touching video campaign, “Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih,” or “An extra step, an expression of love” in English. This initiative is a heartfelt tribute to the essence of Ramadan, intertwining acts of kindness with the quest for spiritual cleanliness.

Dettol’s latest campaign is a testament to its dedication to weaving itself back into the fabric of consumers’ lives. “Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih” is more than just a campaign; it’s a strategy designed by Dettol and Havas Malaysia to build deeper emotional ties through the lens of daily hygiene habits.

The core message of the campaign is to highlight the significance of maintaining good hygiene practices as a pathway to achieving both physical well-being and spiritual enlightenment. Dettol encourages the audience to view the observance of personal hygiene as a pivotal aspect of enriching the Ramadan experience for everyone involved.

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Set against the backdrop of the holy month, the campaign’s reach is extensive, featuring prominently on television, point-of-sale displays, and various social media channels.

Dettol’s history of crafting meaningful campaigns is well-documented, with partnerships stretching across numerous agencies in the Asia-Pacific region. A recent collaboration saw Dettol teaming up with PHD in a campaign that transported the serene Sakura experience from Japan to the bustling lives of Hong Kong’s residents.

This innovative campaign aimed to offer a serene escape, allowing consumers to bask in the beauty of Sakura blooms and find peace amid their hectic schedules. The primary goal was to elevate awareness for the Dettol ProSkin Sakura Series, spotlighting its germ-protection benefits and its formula, which is devoid of Parabens, Mineral Oils, and Silicones. This ensures that the users’ skin remains moisturized and clean, embracing the tranquility of the Sakura season.

Through these meticulously crafted campaigns, Dettol continues to stand at the forefront of promoting health, hygiene, and the spirit of caring, making each step toward cleanliness a step filled with love and care.

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