A Heart-Warming Tribute to All the Fathers | Yamaha Motorcycles Bangladesh2 min read

To all of us, our fathers are like the superheroes who are invincible when it comes to protecting their families. They are our first coaches, mentors who support and inspire us every day. To commemorate the beautiful moments that we get to spend with our dads, this year’s Father’s Day campaign of Yamaha Motorcycles Bangladesh- ACI Motors Ltd. has hit all the strings of emotion.

From the day we took our first steps, to the day we turn out to be a good human being- our fathers have been motivating us in every aspect. This journey of life got beautifully captured in Yamaha’s Father’s Day Campaign. It starts by showing how the inspiration of a father helps a child to stand on his own feet and the child gets to explore his wings of creativity. Seeing his father speaking out against unfairness- gives the child a sense of honesty, responsibility. As the child grows up, he understands how his father is setting an example of being a better human by fulfilling his duty towards mankind. At one night, the father hears the conversation of his son where he realizes that his son is also trying to help out people- just like the way he did in the past years! The next day the son receives a surprise from his father which was a motorbike. It seemed that with that small present, the father was encouraging his son to set on the path which leads towards the greater good.

Each and every lesson that we get from our fathers prepare us to be a better person and a better human being. Yamaha’s campaign was a beautiful representation of how our fathers help us to grow in the journey of life!

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