Duranta Bicycle Dedicated This Year’s Victory Day to The Front-line Workers2 min read

The month of December is probably the most inspiring month for any Bangladeshi. The month when we achieved our independence, attaining victory in the Liberation war of 1971. To celebrate our 50th Victory Day, Duranta Bicycles launched a thoughtful campaign dedicated to the frontline warriors of our country by offering a 49% discount on their product.

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The 1-minute video was filled with visuals depicting the situation during the war. The initial scene starts with a room full of freedom fighters planning their next infiltration. A small boy signals his arrival, as one of the freedom fighters opens the door to let the boy in. The next scene shows us how the freedom fighters used to utilize young children to communicate from one point to the other.

As the young boy gets his directions, he goes off, on his bicycle. We see the boy dodging enemy check posts with help of his handy bicycle.

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Following this, the screen splits up, and we see a young man on his bicycle, all grown up. The man delivers medicines on an emergency basis for critical patients, during the ONGOING COVID-19 pandemic.


Duranta Bicycles did a brilliant job with the campaign in three specific ways.

  • First, the way Duranta created the storyline to thank the frontline warriors during this covid-19 pandemic.
  • Secondly, the product placement with the essence of liberation war created an impactful message for the audience.
  • Finally, the brand positioned its product with agility, which caters to the current pandemic situation as well.

On the other hand, Duranta outdid themselves in taking the audience through the journey of the young boy to a man who has the craving to serve the nation no matter what. In the campaign, it was possible through the impeccable presence of Duranta Bicycles.

An ingenious campaign, with brilliant execution. For more updates, be with Markedium.

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