Surf Excel Ramadan Rekindles Ramadan’s Essence of Collective Perseverance2 min read

Ramadan is an auspicious time for Muslims worldwide. It is a period when they get to reconnect and deepen their bond with Islam annually. However, many often forget that Ramadan is more about communal unity than fasting. Surf Excel Pakistan brings together two vulnerable communities and shows the power of perseverance through its latest campaign.

Embracing Solidarity in Ramadan

The campaign starts with children visiting an old home during Ramadan. Light and humor seem to peek into the resident’s lives with the energy and laughter of the kids. Heartwarming scenes of the elderly and the children taking part in activities pass by. From painting a mural together to having ifter, the presence of the children and elderly together is heartwarming.

However, depression looms on the horizon when it’s time for the children to leave. It turns out that the children belong to an orphanage. An elderly man and a boy are seen in the end speaking up about how staying together will quench the loneliness for both demographics. As the matron gives her consent, happiness rekindles in the faces of both the child and the old man.

Understanding the Pure Intentions Behind Ramadan

Ramadan is considered to be an excellent opportunity for Muslims to understand those around them better. Surf Excel Pakistan’s latest campaign wonderfully promotes this message while also paying homage to their core values. Viewers are bound to feel emotionally driven and conscious towards the welfare of the community after watching it.

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Cinematic integration plays a vital part in promoting the brand’s message in this campaign. Every scene showcases the children’s clothes getting messy, a vintage strategy of Surf Excel. It ends with the narration, “Stains that fill one’s emptiness with new relationships are good.” It showcases Ramadan’s main motive to bring the world together. At the same time, it is an artful nod towards the brand’s roots.

A clever campaign by Surf Excel Pakistan is bound to captivate and influence many this Ramadan!

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