Women Are Always More Than Just Beauty- Lux Women’s Day2 min read

It is no secret that beauty is a significant part of all women’s lives. As a woman, we all love to look our best, starting from the clothes we have on to our flawless makeup. Contrary to popular belief, us dressing up is never to impress someone else or to compensate for any lacking that we might have.

It’s disheartening to think that the beauty we treasure so much is the one thing that brings us so much heartache. Anything we accomplish, all the hurdles we go through to reach our goals, is said to be the result of how we look and dress up, effectively demeaning all our hard work and effort.

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Lux proved that stereotype wrong by their Women’s Day campaign. They featured 5 successful, beautiful women in various industries to show that we are more than just beautiful. No matter how high you climb up the ladder, some people will always want to knock you down a peg or two. But never shy away from who you are, both inside and out. Wear your beauty with pride, show your personality and confidence through what you do. Let no one stop you or say otherwise.

Watch The Campaign Here:


To the rest of the world, we are seen as beauty with no brains, because it is so unheard of to be good enough in anything when you are that beautiful. Every step of the way in a woman’s life, we are discriminated against and demeaned, forced to work ten times as hard to get where any other man can go in one jump, only to end up having to hear that it was all possible because of our looks.

Lux’s campaign truly sparks inspiration in all of us. The campaign’s storytelling and execution were on point. Let us know what you thought about Lux’s message, and for the latest Bangladeshi advertising updates, be with Markedium.

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