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Bangladesh has just celebrated the 50th Independence Day on March 26. Many brands, from Teer to Bata leveraged the occasion to connect to the masses with pertinent campaigns. Such as: showcasing a reality check against all the complaints against Bangladesh, celebrating the day on a global scale, upholding the pride of the national anthem & flag, and a recall to our independence history.

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This Independence Day, Markedium takes a look at some of the brands that have shown prominence in creativity with Independence Day campaigns.

Here are our top 6 picks for this years’ Independence Day Campaigns

1. #Happy50Bangladesh- Coca Cola

To commemorate the occasion of 50th Independence Day, Coca-Cola Bangladesh launched a highly innovative and engaging campaign titled #Happy50Bangladesh to share our pride on a global scale.

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Indeed, it’s a Coca-Cola-like campaign in Bangladesh after long and is our top pick for this years’ Independence Day.

Coca-Cola simply created an opportunity for the world to wish Bangladesh to mark its 50th Independence Day and the impact is contagious. Ever since Coca-Cola has started this campaign, the internet is flooded with responses from all over the world. Hundreds of Wishes from numerous parts of the world just showered Bangladesh with utmost pride and joy.

2. A Reality Flashback- Teer

This Independence Day, Teer came up with a powerful eye-opening campaign. The brand mostly emphasized the significance of liberty and the horrors of oppression. Jumping back and forth between a dystopian timeline and reality was sheer brilliance on their part. It really helped to nail down the fact that living freely is certainly superior to living in fear and oppression.

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A brilliant campaign with an eye-opening message is bound to send goosebumps and rethink your perspectives.

3. Unfolding The Real Heroes – Hero Bangladesh

Hero Bangladesh celebrated this years’ Independence Day by paying tribute to the nation builders of the country whose passion and tireless work is paving the way for success for Bangladesh. So, who are these nation builders?

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They are the general mass of our country – A man with a low-grade job who fights his daily struggles and gathers the courage to fight another day, or a woman who fights all the stereotypes yet never loses her focus or the delivery man who never fails to deliver your packages regardless of the weather constraints or heavy traffic jam or the inspiring father of the next generation pride of the country and many more.

4. Sound of Independence- Robi

In 50 years of independence, we now find independence in various ways. All people are different, their voices are different. Robi is in search of collecting these voices of our independence. To commemorate the historic occasion, Robi has initiated to create the first-ever digital sound library with the voices/sounds of independence.

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5. Independence Day Campaign 2021- Walton

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of our independence, Walton paid tribute to those who are working tirelessly for the advancement of the social and economic development of the country.

6. The Pride of National Anthem- Bashundhara LP Gas

It took mammoth bloodshed in 1971 to call this song our own. However, sometimes we tend to forget the sacrifices and fail to deliver the honor that our National Anthem deserves.  This Independence Day, Bashundhara LP Gas’s “জাতীয় সঙ্গীতের সম্মান” marvelously addresses this malpractice and ties in both factors to create an impactful message.

So, this was our pick for this years’ top Independence Day Campaign list. Which one did you like the most? Do you believe there is another campaign that should have been on the list? Let us know.

And, for more updates, be with Markedium.

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