8 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Walton4 min read

If we ask you for a Bangladeshi electronics brand off the top of your head, we’re sure that more than half of you will think of Walton. Walton has established its brand to be synonymous with our everyday electronics, from mobile phones to TVs to our home appliances.

Not only that, but if we have to take 10 brands that are upholding Bangladesh in the global arena, Walton should come among the first three.

So, how well do we all know about Walton? Many of you might say, we know roughly more or less about the country’s electronics market leader. Let’s refresh your memory with some of the key facts about Walton that probably most of us didn’t know.

8 Fascinating Facts About WALTON

How much do you really know about Bangladesh’s Tech Giant?

(1) First Full-Fledged Electronics and Electrical

Manufacturing Plant

Walton Factory In Gazipur is the First Full Fledged Manufacturing Factory for The Bangladeshi E&E Industry. With a staggering 750-acre area, the gigantic factory has the luxury to cater to 30000+ employees and produce every product that comes under the Walton banner. Not only the factory meets the local demands, but it also comfortably meets the global exporting demand of the firm.

Walton Factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh.

(2) Compressor Manufacturing

Walton High-tech Industries PLC established the country’s first-ever and only compressor manufacturing factory on April 6, 2017.

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With the inauguration of the plant, Bangladesh has emerged as the world’s 15th as well as Asia’s 8th compressor manufacturing country.



(3) Bangla Voice Controlled AC

One of the most recent yet fascinating innovations that WALTON came up with is the- Bangla Voice Control Air Conditioner. This year on the eve of International Mother Language Day, the country’s leading E&E player Walton introduced this innovative product to pay homage to the sacrifice of our language martyr of 1952.

Source: Online

(4) Announced The Entry Into Elevator Manufacturing

In 2020, Walton established Bangladesh’s first lift manufacturing plant at Chandra in Gazipur by investing 50 crore BDT. Reportedly, Bangladesh needs more than 5,000 units of lifts and most of them are imported from China. With The market size not less than Tk 1,200 crore and it is growing at about 20 percent per year due to rapid urbanization, Walton expects to dominate the market by reaching the manufacturing unit’s full potential.

Source: Walton

(5) Crossing The $5B Mark

Apart from achieving continuous significant milestones, Walton also achieved a staggering financial height last year. According to data retrieved from DSE, Walton crossed the USD 5 Billion (USD 5.25 Billion) market cap at a share price of BDT 1473.8 (closing price) considering the USD exchange rate at BDT 85.

(6) Leading The Market

Walton and its Owned Marcel Captured 66% and 5.70% of the Bangladeshi Refrigerator market according to 2020 Industry data compiled by Market Watch BD. Behind Walton’s, this massive success story is the endless effort to cater to the long-ignored rural customer segment by presenting them with an affordable price range.


(7) Walton Had No Manufacturing Unit Until 2008

As explained above, we have an idea of the now glorified journey of Walton’s innovation and introduction of several products in the Bangladesh market and announcing its presence in the global market as well, but what’s more fascinating is that Walton achieved all these heights within 14 years of the manufacturing process.

This means Walton had no manufacturing unit until 2008. Walton became the first company to start manufacturing refrigerators and freezers in the country in 2008 by importing compressors from the famous Italian brand Acc, the brand which they bought last month.

The final statement indeed explains the growth of Walton over the years.

(8) Taking Bangladesh Global

With all the above-mentioned facts, Walton is also one of the significant flagbearers of ‘Made In Bangladesh’. Currently, Walton is currently exporting to more than 48+ countries becoming the first Bangladeshi brand to achieve such height. 

To make the announcement of a Bangladeshi brand in the global arena more strong and more significant, Walton has recently bought 3 European brands to make 4.8m compressors a year.


So, here was our take on the top 8 Fascinating Facts about Walton. What’s your opinion on this? Which fact made you surprised the most? Let us know and for more updates, be with Markedium.

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