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Every year, Bangladesh commemorates International Mother Language Day on 21st February. It is the day when the whole nation remembers the sacrifices of our language martyrs, political activists, and the common folk of 1952 for giving us Bengali as our mother tongue.

It was extraordinary to encounter that the brands were also remembered the day with several campaigns to spread messages directly from emotional significance to the social importance to recall the sacrifices done by our language martyrs. This year we have seen brands concentrating on some agendas with their 21st February campaigns. Such as:

  • Preserving the Emotional Value | Like every other year, focusing on the Emotional Value regarding The Significance of International Mother Language Day was quite evident from the brands. Brands like Symphony, Xiaomi, Apex, etc. were some of the brands that excelled with their campaigns to convey the emotional essence of the day.
  • Giving A Voice To The Voiceless | This year we have seen, brands like Grameenphone and Superstar Group focused their campaigns to bring the positive essence of 21st February for the mute community of our country.
  • Respecting the Local Dialects | Another focused area for this year’s 21st February campaigns was to encourage people to respect the local dialects of our country. Brands like RFL took a stand to be proud of their local language and encouraged all to respect our local dialects to preserve the diversity of Bangladesh.
  • Encouraging the Right Use of Bangla | Alike last year, this year also we have seen brands (Akij Plastics, RFL) encouraging the and actual use of Bangla to revive the Bengali in us once again.

So, what could be the focused area for next year? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know then in the comment section below.

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Top Campaigns | A Markedium Take

This International Mother Language Day, Markedium takes a look at some of the best brand campaigns that have shown creativity in abundance with 21st February. Here are our top 7 picks for this year’s top 21st February Campaigns. Have a look:

  • সারা বিশ্বের ২১- Symphony Mobile

This year on the eve of 21st February, Symphony Mobile launched a campaign that touched the core of the whole nation and uplifted the dignity of our language martyrs. The campaign made us all think twice about the importance of the day and true essence of 21st February. Indeed, one language for one nation yet the feelings are worldwide. Great concept with brilliant storytelling.

  • শুদ্ধ বলি, সঠিক লিখি- Akij Plastics

Naturally, most advertising firms, therefore, create emotional campaigns so that the audiences are engaged. Akij Plastics, however, opted for the non-traditional route and took on a sarcastic approach for its 21st February campaign with a series of OVCs.

Even at their attempt at humor, Akij Plastics has managed to send an important message to the audience through their campaign. They have highlighted the importance of proper pronunciation at the expense of getting mocked at by peers.

  • মায়ের ভাষাকে না ভুলি- Quazi Enterprises Limited

There is no doubt English being an important medium of communication in our professional life, but we must always remember that Bangla is our identity! The campaign from Quazi Enterprise Ltd took a stand on the ongoing so-called trend of considering speaking Bengali as a lower mark comparing to the English proficiency. Hence, Quazi Enterprises Ltd provided a piece of important parenting advice for today’s parents.

  • ৬৮’র বাংলা | বাংলা হোক সর্বময়- RFL (Furniture)

In the 68th Year of the tragic day of 1952, RFL announces a commendable campaign in the memory of our Language Martyrs. They have released a TVC demonstrating how we pollute our language with other language words

The advertisement starts with how we instill the need for a foreign language in our toddlers from a very young age. It moves on to affecting our teenage, young life and even our late adulthood. It’s been over a decade that speaking in mixed language has become a norm in this culture. RFL decided to point out the fact of language pollution to all of us.

  • Paying Respect to both Spoken and Unspoken Languages-Super Star Group

Super Star Group’s ad for 21st February, shows that languages are not bound within the words we utter with our voices. The campaign shows a group of students about to perform the beloved song, ‘Amar Bhai Er Rokte Rangano’, on stage. However, instead of singing with their voices, they sing the lyrics of the song while the music plays in the background.

Another giant brand of Bangladesh, Grameenphone also concentrated its campaign surrounding the same concept. Click here to know more about the campaign.

  • মায়ের ভাষা – RFL (Plastics)

Bangladesh is a rich culture with a lot of languages. Not only Bengali but Also Chakma, Marma, Sanskrit and many more are practiced and uttered in the country every day. A kid sleeps to his language’s tales every night, as he should. Hence, speaking native language whether it is a local version or not, is always a matter of pride and the campaign from RFL agreed.

The well-known social foundation of Bangladesh, Biddyanondo also created a campaign to commemorate the day with the same concept but on a different note. Want to know more about the effort from Biddyanondo? Click here!

  • অনড় থাকুক একুশের চেতনা- Fresh Cement

Our last spot goes to Fresh Cement for their brilliant effort to honor International Mother Language Day this year. But the catch is that their campaign directly connects to their product in the most relevant way. So, what they did?

Fresh Cement- a leading cement manufacturer of Bangladesh helped three schools to rebuild the “Shaheed Minar” situated on the school grounds to create the essence of 21st February among the students. Although the concept is nothing new except for a cement company it was the most sensible way to pay tribute to our language martyr keeping the product in mind.

So, this was our take on this year’s top 21st February campaigns. Let us know your thoughts and suggest to us the campaigns that we have missed according to you for the list. Be with Markedium.

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Great article on brands of Bangladesh.

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