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At the present time, when it comes to emergency situations patients run after one hospital to another searching for ICU beds. Under the circumstances, most of the people carry ill-information that can not arrange them an ICU seat in a particular hospital, on time. In effect, The ICU Finder hero of this story, a guy named Salman and his came up with a solution regarding such a problem.

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In the beginning, the background of the story occurred when Salman’s dad fell into an unfavorable condition. Therefore, finding a vacant ICU bed in a hospital became a crying need.

Without delay, Salman randomly tried to contact several hospitals for the favor. However, in return, he got null result. Notably, Salman too was a COVID-19 positive during the hassles. Instead, putting his life on the danger line, he thought about the greater good. Consequently, seeking help he also updated a Facebook status describing the situation. Subsequently, he got lucky as the post goes viral and a student from DU lent a helping hand towards him. Therefore, He saved the day and Salman’s Father came into the account for COVID-19 treatments.

Motivation Behind The ICU Finder

Despite all his sufferings and cruel experiences, he took a positive lesson out of the whole situation. Subsequently, A question arose in his mind that ” Not every emergency post gets viral on Facebook, so, what about them?” Not to mention, the lack of information kills time and takes a toll out of lives. Hence, Salman and his friends built a website that incorporates the latest updates of available ICU beds in the country.

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However, this idea requires a lot of helping hands who will voluntarily help them collecting the latest updates from various hospitals. With this intention, the founders posted on Facebook explaining their idea and asking for support. In return, they got a massive response from the kind-hearted people.

After that, they held a meeting with the volunteers on 11th June. Consequently, they opened a website naming it:

At this instant, The ICU Finder has around 50 volunteers from different places and disciplines. Moreover, they enlisted 223 hospitals from all over the country and collecting the latest updates from these.

On the contrary, several well-known private hospitals refused to cooperate. In effect, such behavior of the authorities of those hospitals sometimes raised questions in the volunteers’ minds about their intention. Correspondingly, the volunteers were surprised after watching the inadequate number of ICU beds in the country.

Let’s Have A Brief Tour In This Website

At first, you will get two options on the homepage. An option that helps you searching for hospital and another one is for the registration of being a volunteer.

Furthermore, after clicking the search option, you can look up ICU beds based on your location. It will show you how many beds are available in a particular hospital. Coupled with, how many are allotted for Coronavirus patients. In addition, you too can check if there are any beds available for both coronavirus and non-coronavirus patients. In fact, the contact numbers of those hospitals are also available on the site.

Generally speaking, secrecy has been a great obstacle for the organizers and volunteers of the project. In fact, the volunteers mentioned that much valid information they got from anonymous sources. Besides, public medical colleges or private hospitals with medical colleges came forward to serve this noble purpose.

Right now, the founders of the website are planning to launch an app to provide people with more upgraded services for finding ICUs.

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