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Throughout the perilous times of partial and full-fledged phases of lockdown, education has taken severe blows on all fronts due to the mass closure of all institutions. It’s not just that the disruption has potentially caused severe delays in academic calendars, thus depriving an entire generation of youthful opportunities, it has been particularly harsh on those living in impoverished and remote areas. As schools play a vital role in occupying kids out of malnutrition, crime, and domestic abuse, it became gravely important to pioneer a suited substitution to the classroom amidst school closures, and Thrive Edtech may have found out just the right way to take on such a daunting task.

Introducing Thrive Edtech

The striking urgency of this context led Thrive from working on personalized education and augmented digital learning platforms to performing a crucial pivot into finding a temporary but direct substitution to schooling by taking all of its activities online under one integrated and easily maneuverable platform. The newest addition to their offering came to be known as “Thrive Bidwan Virtual School”, a one-stop solution for conducting all activities of a school from home, ranging from seamless online classes to the clerical activities of a school administrative body. One of their latest innovations when it comes to creating access for the mass is a feature called

“Join Class Via Phone Call”.

Through this feature, students who don’t have smartphones can join live classes using just a feature phone. Even though the presence is only through audio, this is proving to become the next best option compared to no presence at all.

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For teachers and educators who lack access and skill to operate multimedia tools like PowerPoint, Word, etc – Thrive is offering free phone stands to enable live classes.

Thrive Edtech-Markedium

Currently, 8000 students ranging from high school students to university graduates are availing of the service through their respective institutions and seamlessly continuing education from home. Over 100 teachers have been sufficiently trained and onboarded by Thrive to ensure a smooth transition. As Thrive looks to expand its operation by catering to more schools through exploiting their increased capacity achieved from locally built servers, it seems as though the grave discontinuity of education may get easier to contain over time.

To learn more about their products, visit Thrive Website.


The preconception of disruption through technology is that it’s scary. It turns every old process and personnel obsolete. It’s hard to access, harder to cope with for all walks and ages of people. As a result, the roads are quite bumpy for a Bangladeshi EdTech company as they face such powerful concerns regarding the fundamental philosophy of their offering. But a global pandemic on the scale of COVID-19, in contrast to all the plight and pillage it has brought upon communities, may have forced the best hand out of Thrive Edtech, operating in the heart of Dhaka city amidst an anxious lockdown for educators of all sorts.

If you are one of the new startups like Thrive Edtech and doing something brilliant to help the nation in this pandemic, reach out to us at [email protected]. We will be glad to feature you!

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