Introducing ‘Binge’ An Internet Protocol TV By Robi Subsidiary4 min read

Red Dot Digital is an auxiliary of Robi Axiata. Robi is the nation’s second-biggest mobile operator. At present, it is set to roll a gadget named Binge on Friday that can change the manner in which Bangladeshis expend video content.

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To begin with, the company calls it Binge. To explain, it is a blend of web convention TV. In fact, which is fairly well known in the US, and the online streaming platform.

By the method of a set-top box, one has the option to play one of the widest entertainment catalogs in Binge. Moreover, in excess of 100 live HD TV channels, both nearby and universal. Besides that, web series, latest web films, exclusive originals – yet over the web.

On the other hand, with cable or satellite TV, broadcasters send out signals and viewers get them. Thus, it refers that one is just ready to watch what is already being broadcasted. Except if there is a type of recording gadget, one doesn’t get the opportunity to direct what’s on when. As a result, you simply tune in when you can and watch what is accessible.

Well, now the question is, How is Binge special?

Introducing 'Binge' An Internet Protocol TV By Robi Subsidary

Does IPTV Like Binge Offer Anything Better?

Straightaway, IPTV is unique. In other words, rather than transmitting content by light pulses in a fiber-optic cable or radio waves from a satellite, Binge sends shows and motion pictures through the standard web association. Furthermore, IPTV does not depend on a range of shows on a particular timetable. Instead, most IPTV utilizes video on demand (VOD) or time-shifted media.

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Moreover, “A viewer can watch any type of content through Binge. There is something for everyone: thriller, drama, comedy, romance, action, and whatnot,” said Ahmed Armaan Siddiqui, director of Red Dot Digital.

He also added that Binge is Bangladesh’s first Google-certified online video-streaming service. Additionally, it came up with an android device that offers endless entertainment. Moreover, Binge is going to bring in a revolution in the Bangladeshi entertainment media. To emphasize, it has the largest number of content.

The Benefits Users Will Get:

Subscribers can enjoy the service both on little and large screens with better quality. Moreover, they can access Binge legitimately on their Android phones just as by buying a Binge-branded Android smart device. Even if there is no smart TV at home, customers can still have full HD TV experience using Binge.

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Besides, the price of the Binge-branded Android smart device is Tk 3,499. In fact, Clients can benefit the service for Tk 399 in subscription charge on the off chance that they as of now have a broadband internet connection.

Currently, Red Dot Digital is bringing in the gadgets and plans to amass them locally in association with Genex Infosys. Besides, the organization is cooperating with a web access supplier. Not to mention it will guarantee broadband availability if a customer does not have web access.

Notably, utilizing the subscription for Tk 1,099 every month, clients can likewise get Wi-Fi service at home and multiple device access.

Further, to enjoy the content of Binge through cell phones, three bundles are available. Therefore, Clients will be charged Tk 10 for a day by day bundle, Tk 30 for a week after week bundle. Besides that Tk 99 for a month to month bundle. However, excluding value-added tax, supplementary duty, and surcharge.

Clients should download the Binge mobile application from the Google Play store to appreciate the service on smartphones. Another key point, Red Dot Digital will offer a one-month free time to trial.

Generally speaking, the service comes when the interest for video content has hit the rooftop as individuals remain at home. Not to mention, the bend on coronavirus that is tearing through the nation dangerously fast.

Recently, the nation saw 21 additional death from the COVID-19 infection and 1,251 new instances of contamination to incur significant damage from the deadly virus to 370 and caseload to 25,121.

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