Coca-Cola Trials Paper Bottles | A Bold Attempt at Going Green2 min read

One of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution on a global scale is artificial products. Green warriors from around the world are more united than ever to reduce the use of plastic. With landfills developing worldwide, it is only a matter of time before our nature is wholly ruined. Amidst humanity’s bid to reduce pollution, Coca-Cola plans to do its part by substituting its plastic bottles with paper.

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Standing Up for the Environment

In an attempt to find out the effectiveness of paper packaging, Coca-Cola plans to make a trial run with AdeZ. A natural smoothie drink, this product is considered to be the perfect candidate for this experiment.

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The paper bottles will be making their debut in Hungary, with a total of 2,000 units in the trial run. Substituting plastic with paper bottles will be the first step towards creating packaging which is entirely organic and environment-friendly. Simultaneously, they also need to be suitable enough to contain liquids.

Comprehending the Construction

Coca-Cola’s version of paper bottles initially includes a fully-recyclable paper shell with a plastic lining. However, the goal of the brand is to ensure that its packaging becomes entirely free from plastic. Bio-fiber will be the main component of these units, with plants forming all of its pieces, making it environment-friendly.

Currently, the biggest obstacle Coca-Cola faces in launching this initiative is compromising the drink’s taste. Bio-fiber tends to peel off often and poses a high risk of falling into the beverage and ruining its quality. Therefore, conducting strength tests and safety checks is pivotal to its success.

Looking into the Bigger Picture

The paper packaging initiative of Coca-Cola is a part of the broader spectrum of the Pabco Pioneer Community. It features other well-known brands such as Carlsberg and Absolut, all of them having similar objectives. Although the trials are conducted in European countries, success can see a green revolution on a global proportion.

Coca-Cola has certainly taken the initiative to go green, only time will tell if their efforts will bear fruit or not!

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