Coke Studio Introduces Limited Edition Retro-Inspired Video Vinyl in the Philippines1 min read

Coke Studio, gearing up for its eighth season in the Philippines, has unveiled a nostalgic twist with the launch of a limited-edition Coke Studio Video Vinyl, crafted in collaboration with WPP Open X and led by Ogilvy Singapore.

This collector’s edition embodies the essence of Coke Studio, celebrating its unique tradition of merging diverse musical talents to forge new and vibrant sounds. Utilizing the Zoetrope technique—an early animation method—the vinyl records come alive with dynamic artwork as they spin, each disc featuring a popular track from Season 7.

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These songs are the products of innovative collaborations between Filipino music legends and contemporary icons, encapsulating the multi-generational spirit of the series.

The designs are rich in detail, illustrating the various artists involved in each track and providing a combined visual and auditory experience. The release of these Video Vinyls not only teases what fans can expect from the upcoming season but also hints at upcoming surprises for Coke Studio audiences across the ASEAN & South Pacific regions.

Coke Studio Video Vinyl Release Cool

Coke Studio Video Vinyl

These Video Vinyls exemplify Coke Studio’s commitment to merging artistic forms and musical genres, creating an engaging and inspirational product. For this edition, renowned illustrators such as Vanilla Chi, Rakhmat Jaka, and Mathieu Labrecque were commissioned to enrich the vinyl artwork with intricate easter eggs, secret messages, and artist shoutouts—transforming each record into a curated treasure chest of musical lore that deepens fans’ connections with the artists and their music.

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