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Every company (new or old) wants to have a good brand image so that the customers can trust the company. To find the best brands in 2019, Interbrand (brand consultancy firm) has stepped up. Every year Interbrand gives a list of the best brands in the world. Interbrand considered the following factors in order to make the list of the top 10 brands 2019-

  • Brand strength.
  • Market value.
  • Future plans.

So according to Interbrand, here are top 10 Brands 2019



10 disney

Brand value: $44.3 million
Market Cap: $240.2 billion

At this very moment, Disney’s market is almost $240.2 billion. With Disney+, it will probably get even better. According to Interbrand, the company’s brand value boosted up to 11% in 2018.



Brand value: $44.53 million
Market cap: $158.5 billion

McDonald’s has been growing its brand value for the last 15 years, and it hasn’t stopped. With its plant-based burger project, it will continue to grow.



Brand value: $50.8 million

Owned by Daimler, Mercedes-Benz’s brand value has grown rapidly(almost 5%). The main reason behind its success is- “Commitment, Responsiveness, and Relevance.”



Brand value: $56.2 million
Market Cap- $222 billion

Everyone knows about this brand. This Japan-based company made its way to the list because of its presence, relevance, and authenticity.


Samsung Logo

Brand value: $61 million
Market Cap: $284 billion

Is it even surprising that Samsung has made it through in the 10 brands 2019  list?  The South Korean tech giant has shown relevance, responsiveness, and authenticity.


coca cola

 Brand value: $63.4 million

Well, the interesting thing here is that Coca-Cola’s brand value declined by 4% in 2018. However, it is still one of the top 10 brands in 2019 because of its impressive record.



Brand value: $108.8 million
Market cap: $1 trillion

Microsoft had to be on this list because of its $1 trillion market cap. Furthermore, its responsiveness was amazing.



Amazon Logo Feature

Brand value: $125 million
Market cap: $885.3 billion

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon grew 24% in the last year, and its responsiveness, relevance, and presence were terrific.


google logo 0

brand value: $167.7 million
Market cap: $869 billion

 As Google had the 2nd best brand strength, you can’t keep them out of the game. With impressive brand value, it’s the second-best brand.

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1. Apple

IMG 42503

Check Out
Brand value: $234.2 million.
Market cap: $1 trillion.

It was Apple that was crowned as the strongest brand in the world. To be honest, it’s not surprising by any means. So they are on top of the top 10 brands in 2019.

So, once again the crown goes to Apple. For more exciting brand news, stay updated with Markedium.

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